When Your Workers’ Comp Coverage Fails To Follow Through

Once approved, hurt workers can often expect to be paid for their medical expenses and a partial salary replacement while they are out of work. Unfortunately, though, many victims of a work injury find that what they believed to be smooth sailing after a claim is approved turned into anything but that. Your Check Gets Reduced – Workers' compensation insurance is supposed to pay you a portion of your usual pre-injury salary if you were injured so severely at work that you can no longer work. Read More 

Why Do Hit-And-Run Drivers Flee?

As the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you are left with many questions. Not only are you dealing with injuries, but you may want to know why that person fled. You also want to know if that reason could bolster your personal injury case. The good news? The reason why the driver fled could help make your case stronger. These are some of the facts that could make your case stronger. Read More 

Why You Need An Auto Accident Attorney To Handle Your Accident Claim

A car accident can negatively affect your life and that of your family big time. It can also lead to more challenges such as taking time off work, property damage, and serious bodily injuries. Actually, being involved in an auto accident can feel like a huge burden, especially when you do not have an auto accident attorney to handle the legal process or help you file an accident claim.  When you are involved in a car accident, an auto accident lawyer should be among the first few people you contact because they will offer you proper legal guidance. Read More 

Who Is Liable For A Boating Wake Accident?

Boating accidents aren't always caused by direct contact. Wake alone can cause damage or injuries from capsizing, hull breaches, or people falling overboard. Who is liable for a wake accident depends on exactly what happened. Speeding Wake is usually a result of speed. In a no or low wake zone, a boat that causes wake is clearly at fault. These zones are often located in areas where people are using small boats, like kayaks, or are putting into docks. Read More 

Auto Accident Medical Care: More Than Meets The Eye

It's always a good idea to take care of yourself after an injury but, when it comes to car accidents, doing so might be more important than you think. Read on to learn about why accident after-care has such a strong link between your health status and your personal injury claim. When Taking Care Has More Meaning You might be surprised at the number of people that refuse medical treatment after an accident. Read More